Cooper’s Craving

Female Addiction series

by L. Sherman

Have you ever hoped, dreamed and wished for a second chance?

Sometimes when the situation presents itself it doesn’t just jump on you, you have to chase after it with all you’ve got.

This is the first book in the new hot Female Addiction series by L. Sherman where we meet well-educated feisty leading ladies and the men who fall desperately in love with them. The setting is almost always corporate, but we never close the door to the bedroom, how boring would that be?

Common for the series is that not everyone knows what the best for them is and sometimes the journey toward love is a bumpy ride. A happy-ever-after is guaranteed, L. Sherman wants to leave you with a good feeling but panting for more. And there will be much more.

In the first installment, we meet Indy and Cooper. It’s an employee/employer to lovers romance.

Indy and Cooper met six years ago and had a brief intermezzo at a college party. Their chemistry was off the charts, but a misunderstanding separated them, and they never got a chance to explore their more.

Fast-forward 6 years and she is now the Social Media Marketing Director at an upcoming agency, Cooper’s Lounge. She recently moved to New York to take her career up a notch. Admittedly she knows that Cooper is the owner of the company and he is, without a doubt, the one who has starred in her dreams for many years.

She is, however, focused solely on her career until the man himself saunters right back into her life again.

Let the journey begin.

Excerpt Cooper’s Craving: A Female Addiction Novel


“Oh, My God. Floor open and take me straight to Hell,” I said out loud before looking up.

I stood up as tall as I could at my 5’7” and 3-inch heels, thinking about a quick comeback. But dear lord. He was easily a head taller than me. I had still yet to look him in the eyes, currently staring at a very narrow waist, chest, hard planes of muscle could be seen through his light blue shirt.

“You’re tall?” was all I could utter.

He laughed a deep warm laughter and extended his hand.

I swept my hands down his front, discretely, I wasn’t ready to answer nosy co-workers’ questions, not yet, but I had to feel the hard plains of his chest and stomach. I stopped just north of his fly, a knowing smirk tugged at the corner of his lips, and then he disappeared as the crowd swallowed him.



I’d crossed a line with Indy, I knew it, texting with her late at night and in bed was not employer/employee appropriate behavior.

I tossed my phone to the side and flopped down on the pillow behind me. I wanted her but didn’t want to lose her smart head and wit around the office. The team adored her, listened and wanted to be better just because of her.

Back at my apartment I poured a very large scotch and turned on the fireplace. I sat in the dark nursing my drink and feelings. It was time to come up with a plan because I was getting closer and closer to a situation I wouldn’t recover from.

Falling in love was damn hard.

Fall in love with Indy and Cooper in “Cooper’s Craving,” A Female Addiction Novel. The series continues in “Michael’s More” – Read more about “Michael’s More”.

Follow L. Sherman on her social media to get to know more about the author as well as upcoming releases.

Follow L. Sherman on her social media to get to know more about the author as well as upcoming releases.

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