Believe that you are worthy of love.

From teenage crush to grown-up choices in the span of a few months. Boy meets girl, girl meets boy and they become best friends, but the blood is running hot between these two. The oldest story of time. Their chemistry supersedes anything seen and felt before. They fall hard in each other’s arms. However, this is just the beginning of their story that will break them apart and throw them back where their past, present, and future collide.

Sasha and Cory told me a story of young love and complications. Some say that time heals your wounds. You can lose someone so dear to you that the wound never heals or will break open at the faintest touch. It’s not that you cannot live your life without that special someone. Sometimes life deals you a crappy hand, and you have to grow up. But what if your life gets turned upside down, how do you cope? This is Cory and Sasha’s story about a second chance.

The story will take you from historic Charleston to pulsating New York, laid-back Seattle, and the warm and hot oil country of Dallas.

“I want to write about how the choices we make define us but also how we have the power to change them.” Louisa Sherman.


May 1998



His finger drew a light pattern around my nipple, which contracted and became hard from his touch and the cold air in the room. We were lying in complete silence side by side on my bed. The duvet covered the two of us, but my breasts and his chest were exposed.

Our study session had taken us both by surprise and turned into a make-out session that had escalated to so much more. I had the house to myself, which wasn’t uncommon. My mom was away on a business trip, and I lived with her alone.

I sighed contentedly and closed my eyes, relishing the feeling of his caress and our closeness.

My best friend and now so much more.

“What are we?” I shot up like a jack-in-the-box.

Perplexed, Cory opened his eyes and looked at me. “What do you mean, what are we?”

“Am I your girlfriend now?” Maybe it was an odd question to ask when I was buck-ass-naked in bed with a guy; the boy I’d loved since the first time we met three years ago.

“Do you want me to be your boyfriend?” He smirked at me, that good-looking bastard, and pulled me down towards him again.





Kissing Sasha was a fantasy come true. I’d been lusting for her for what seemed like forever. To begin with, it had been a pure juvenile attraction, but as our friendship developed, it had grown into a deep love and affection. I was addicted to her, everything about her: her wit, her smile and most definitely her womanly curves. Sasha was tall and lean but had filled out in all the right places; firm breasts, a nice handful, not small not large, tight round buttocks, willowy frame and narrow waist.  She had danced since before I met her. Her body was all toned muscles and soft skin.

I turned us over and braced myself above her. She was now sprawled beneath me. I closed my eyes, letting the feeling of completeness settle in. Finally, she was mine.


Spring 2018



The elevator pinged on the 16th floor of Logan & Logan. A shiver ran down my spine, and I shook my shoulders as though I could get rid of the feeling this easily. For many years this was precisely what I had avoided, and here I was shoved right into the lion’s den by my job, not by our shared past or present. I had the unsettled feeling that my entire life up until now was going to crash wildly around me.


Cory’s Crash is the third book in the Female Addiction Series. The series continues in “Grayson’s Game” releasing in 2019.

Follow L. Sherman on her social media to get to know more about the author as well as upcoming releases.

Follow L. Sherman on her social media to get to know more about the author as well as upcoming releases.

The books are published by Nelumbo Publishing

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